Empty Home Tax Selected
Organizational Endorsements

If your group is interested in endorsing the Empty Home Tax please get in touch at info@emptyhometax.org

Housing Santa Cruz County

Our mission is to ensure Santa Cruz County is an inclusive thriving, just, diverse, culturally rich and sustainable community by promoting affordable, safe, stable homes for local residents and workers.

UC Santa Cruz College Democrats

College Democrats at UCSC has been a driving force in electing progressive voices in Santa Cruz County for years. Our organization has taken important stances to protect UCSC students and marginalized communities including supporting the UCSC Grad Strike, Black Student Union demands from UCSC administration, and organizing with endorsed campaigns. Join us in our future campaigns to achieve strong progressive policies in our Santa Cruz community.

Santa Cruz for Bernie

This all-volunteer local group is building the broad grassroots movement necessary to carry out the political revolution inspired by Senator Bernie Sanders for a government that serves the people rather than the billionaires. We helped Sanders overwhelmingly win Santa Cruz County in the 2016 and 2020 primaries, and we continue to support local political races and issues that are aligned with the people.

Affordable Housing NOW!

We are a task force of local residents working for affordable housing in Santa Cruz County, CA.

Santa Cruz YIMBY

Envisions a community where our neighbors of all ages, cultures, abilities, and incomes, can make Santa Cruz County their home. In response to the ever-increasing cost of living, we advocate for more affordable housing to meet the needs of our growing population

Santa Cruz Climate Action Network

Santa Cruz Climate Action Network (SCCAN) seeks to address the current Climate Change Emergency, recognizing that failure to act quickly will have devastating effects on future generations of humans and other life forms.

People's Democratic Club

The PDC is a chartered committee of the County Democratic Central Committee. PDC ad hoc committees organize actions around issues that address the needs of the community focusing on progressive issues and policies.

Showing Up For Racial Justice

Is a chapter of a national network of groups and individuals organizing white people for racial and economic justice. They organize around three Core Strategies: delegitimizing racist institutions; fighting for a fair economy that refuses to pit communities against each other; and shifting culture (meaning the underlying beliefs folks have about people and the world) in a way that undermines support for white supremacy.